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Five Places to Take Your Kids Right Now!

Hey, y'all, former public school teacher turned educational entrepreneur here! Thanks for joining me on this journey of amazingness where I am homeschooling, tutoring, and setting up to fully open my micro-school in the fall of 2023!

Here in Virginia, the weather is acting like Katy Perry's smash hit "Hot N' Cold." If ya know, ya know!

My daughter, Gabriela, and I have had the best few weeks together, and I just have to share my excitement so that you can get out and enjoy all of the wonderful things that God (and man) has given us to enjoy! These are not listed in any particular order.

Go to a Farm

I mean it. Find a local farm that lets you feed or pet the animals. We went to Tasha's Own Farm today in Williamsburg, VA. Gabriela got to milk and feed goats, taste and then make candles out of fresh beeswax, and then chase and snuggle chickens (and never caught one, she added). What a FUN day!

We are also visiting What the Farm in Virginia Beach in December where we get to learn all about farming with pigs! The owner is also a former teacher who quit to homeschool and live on a farm! She does all kinds of work with children, and we absolutely cannot wait to visit!

Go See Lights!

We decided to visit Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg on a very chilly evening. We were taken aback by not only the incredible light display but also the fact that they worshipped the birth of our King, Jesus Christ!

The music was merry, the lights were brilliant, their were toasty fires placed around the park, and the hot chocolate was decadent! Since we went early in the season and on a Sunday evening, there were no lines, and we were able to park right at the front!

*Military passes are available at the MWR on post for a deep discount!

Indoor Adventure Park

If it's just too cold or too rainy, go to an indoor adventure park. During the day, it's going to be much less crowded. We went to Surge Adventure Park in Newport News, VA on their special homeschool day they have every Wednesday, and it was so much (active) fun!

For $15, the kids can run, jump, climb, and play their little hearts out! There's a little concession stand with Icee's and small snacks in case you get hungry. There will be a monthly meetup scheduled in this group.

Visit a Park

There are so many beautiful parks in the Hampton Roads area. Our favorite so far was definitely York River State Park because of the serene hiking and biking trails, but the views were spectacular!

They also have a Nature Center that has learning experiences for the young and old alike! There are plants and animals within the nature center as well as a gift shop with some outdoor exploration gadgets and guides. I think our favorite part was hearing the eagles calling and listening to our echoes in the wilderness.

Head to a Museum

There are so many great things about the Virginia Living Museum this fall season. They have events, like the upcoming Thanks and Giving, Wild and Art, and Santa's Nature Reserve. There are indoor and outdoor exhibits, although we didn't make it past the (Gabriela's favorite) children's Veterinary Center this time.

For an adult payment of $10, we attended the homeschool lesson (pre-register) on food webs this month where we determined where different plants and animals lie within the web. The children made observations, had discussions, answered questions, and wrote things down on their recording sheet. It was a real-life lab!

Next month, we are attending the session titled "Mystery of the Christmas Star." You can register for that here.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! Have questions? Want us to visit you?

I would absolutely love to connect.

Please be sure to follow me on Facebook for more about what we do at Path of Life Learning and to watch us grow!

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