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Academic Excellence

Discovery and Learning

At Path of Life Learning, we believe that an effective education doesn’t just come from memorizing or lecturing. Active participation in the learning process entails analyzing, discussing and collaborating - in order to comprehend and retain. Students will be able to participate and learn from others at all levels, and ask and answer questions that are important within their learning. 

3 Cohort Levels

Littles: K - 2

Middles: 3 - 5

Leaders: 6 - 8

Students will be encouraged to grow at their level, rather than placed by age. This means, areas of strength will be reinforced while areas of weakness will be sharpened.

Does your child have an interest in something outside of the core academics? Great! We will work to incorporate the interests of our students throughout our learning experiences. 

Collecting Garbage in Park


Children who attend Path of Life Learning will be engaged in learning that allows them to reach their maximum potential. We incorporate enrichment experiences that are rich and engaging. There is no limit to what our children can do, and we want to support them through enrichment! 

Examples of enrichment can include things like 

  • Outdoor Learning & Discovery

  • Forming Clubs

  • Learning Other Languages

  • Cooking

  • STEM

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Projects

  • & MORE!

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