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Path of Life Learning is the proud recipient of a 
grant that will go directly toward our students' learning!

Enrollment Info

Mrs. Mercedes Grant

I am a special education teacher and team leader turned microschool entrepreneur! I am an active-duty military spouse and am a mama of two, Jeremiah (16) and Gabriela (8). Jeremiah attends York High School where he runs cross country and track. Gabriela (Gigi) is in the 2nd grade and will be attending school at Path of Life Learning! She loves gymnastics, math, and Pokemon. We love everything outdoors! We love glamping, kayaking, swimming, going to the beach, fishing, walking, running, hiking, biking, etc. We love good food, laughter, learning how to do all the things by watching TikTok videos, and I sure do love to SHOP!


In order to make this year extraordinary for our learners, we are asking for donations. Many of our students come from military families and/or are low-income families. With your support, we can offer even more to enhance their learning at Path of Life Learning.


Going Against the Grain
At Path of Life Learning, students receive so much more than an ordinary education. We believe that learning should go beyond the four walls, that learning should be engaging and fun, and that the skills to be successful extend beyond test-taking. We infuse joyful experiences into learning so that our students feel safe, loved, and deeply connected to their learning. 


Path of Life Learning is a learning center offering flexible, personalized, collaborative learning for kids in grades K-8. Finally, you can have the benefits of homeschooling and the resources, staff, and ready-made community of a private school. We call it colearning.

Our Mission

Enriching Student Lives
At Path of Life Learning, students will be actively engaged each day in relevant and high-quality activities that occur in a small-group where their inquiries are valued and encouraged. Children will discover their unique gifts and abilities and how they are directly gifted by God. Parents and families will feel a sense of confidence and pride knowing that their child is able to get an education in a setting built for maximum student learning and engagement.

Path of Life Learning Philosophy

Learning With No Bounds
We go outside, we build, we explore, we thrive!
With a background in public education, we understand how and where the traditional education system falls short. Through a unique teaching approach that makes students feel talented, valued, and capable. We create an engaging and collaborative experience so that every student can pursue their God given gifts and talents. Contact us today to find out if our learning center is right for your child.
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