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Book Club or Bust

Path of Life Learning's monthly book club launched in January, and it has been one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of our program this year. Kids are reading. Scratch that, kids are enjoying reading! They're also authors, artists, illustrators, poets, tour guides, and podcast hosts!

I cannot make this up! Book club has been an unbelievable boost in confidence for the children who attend. I cannot even name a child who is shy anymore. Even the most timid were trying on high heels for the end of month celebration and practicing a red carpet walk for when they become famous for their work.

I was nearly brought to tears watching them share their creations. They go home and pour into their work. The beauty that occurs when you are able to tap into the inner-child and encourage the flourishing of young minds is something I can't quite put into words. It's simply...beautiful. Book club isn't just about reading a book and sharing out, it's also about making friends, giggling, discovering new genres, asking deep questions, and using curiosity and interest to drive some really great learning.

So, sit back, and enjoy some of the work they have to display. If you know of a great space for children to showcase their work, let me know! They're excited, and so am I!

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