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Chasing Your Dreams

Walking away from public education wasn't hard for me to all! As a military family, we are always traveling and looking for a new adventure, so this decision didn't feel too foreign to me.

It has always been my dream to work with children, and I was and am still doing just that! Instead of my days passing in a whirlwind where I'm trying to just keep my footing, I am now able to just stop, breathe, and realize that while my dream hasn't changed, the way that I get there has.

As an educator, we are sometimes just trying to make it till summer. We are overwhelmed throughout the year, and we tend to lose ourselves. I realized, though, that this is not how it has to be!

I am now working throughout the day on things that are truly important for me as a woman who is a mother, a wife, and an educational entrepreneur. How amazing is that?!!!

So, if you want to walk away from something that is not bringing you joy, do it! Of course, I don't mean when your husband irks your nerves for not taking out the trash. lol What I do mean is, if something is taking a toll on your life to the point you're missing out on the things most precious to you, like your kids (or your sanity), then try to take a step back and enjoy life a little more deeply.

Life should be good. It should be balanced. Your dreams are worth chasing, but losing yourself to honor the pursuit, is not.

Happy chasing, friends.


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